Major Surgery and being a Wedding Professional
22 Feb 2015

Major Surgery and being a Wedding Professional

by Sandra Bearden Whether you plan or not for major surgery, you are a wedding professional and cannot escape couples that want to see you and speak to you, no matter how hard you try.  This is the story of my bilateral knee replacement, I hope you enjoy it! I’ve had trouble with my knees for over 10 years, but was not “old” enough for...

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01 Oct 2014

Let’s Celebrate the $35 Wedding Ceremony!

When I work with couples, I can spend as much as 20 hours interviewing them, talking on the phone and online with them, working on the ceremony, driving to meetings and the venue, conducting rehearsals, and helping people understand their roles as Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

05 Aug 2014

Do you Value your Ceremony?

I have seen many heartfelt and sentimental ceremonies that were considered “short and sweet” but have moved people to tears.

A Mastiff and Salmon Sliders
12 Apr 2014

A Mastiff and Salmon Sliders

He woofed at her and the salmon sliders lived up to their name and slid everywhere! He just wanted one – after all, it was cocktail hour!

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