Frequently Asked Questions


What makes you different from other local wedding Officiants? Why should someone hire you?

We help you co-create a ceremony capturing the essence of your relationship. We offer you a book called:  "The Ceremony Idea Booklet," it literally contains thousands of ideas for us to co-create the ceremony you didn't know you could have. We offer you wedding day peace of mind, calm nurturing attention throughout the entire creative process.  We have a "back-up" plan in case of emergency. We not only bring the ceremony to life; we create magical moments! 

What are your standard payment terms?

Retainer received with contract holds your date. Payment required in full two weeks prior to the ceremony. Last minute weddings are paid via Square and Pay Pal only. We accept cash, credit cards via Square and Pay Pal. Payment in full is required before any ceremony will be conducted.

What is your customer satisfaction cancellation policy?

We rarely have a cancellation; but when we do we return any money other than the retainer fee. We also work very hard to ensure all of our couples are completely happy!

What is your event cancellation policy?

Cancel 14 days prior to your ceremony and we will return everything except the retainer; this is non-refundable. Cancel less than 14 days prior to your ceremony and full payment is required. If you are cancelling the wedding, but still want to get married; we can accommodate that for up to 90 days after your original ceremony date, if you are paid in full. If longer than 90 days and you are paid in full or not, it will require a new contact and an additional negotiated payment will be required.

How far are you willing to travel? Is there a travel fee?

Up to 30 miles away from the Officiants home without a travel fee. Over the 60 miles round trip it is $.59 a mile. Overnight lodging is requested if the ceremony is over 2 hours away.  Airfare, lodging, parking and tolls may be added to any ceremony depending on location.

How many weddings do you officiate a year?

The company officiates around 300 ceremonies per year.

What kind of pre-wedding counseling is required, if any?

No pre-wedding counseling is required, however if you want this service it is available; Several Officiants on this site are available to assist you.

How long after the ceremony do you file for the official marriage license?

The license is mailed immediately following the ceremony.

What documents do I need to bring to our first meeting?

Nothing in particular, just anything you want share.

Will you marry same sex couples?


Will you marry couples of different faiths or previous divorce?


How long does the ceremony usually last?

As long as you want, but typical ceremonies are about 15-20 minutes.

Do you normally attend the reception?

Occasionally, if you want your Officiant to attend they will do their best to do so; it also depends on their schedule and if they have time.

Do you have a back-up Officiant on call, in case of an emergency?

Yes! There are several Officiants, see and read about them on the website at

Will you allow us to write our own vows?

We encourage it; words from your heart are the best.

Can we read or hear our ceremony before our wedding day?

Absolutely! Unless otherwise requested each couple works on the ceremony with their Officiant.

In which states and communities are you licensed to officiate ceremonies?

Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, DC and Pennsylvania.