The Fabulous Wedding Professionals of FABNet – Grand Rental
10 May 2013

The Fabulous Wedding Professionals of FABNet – Grand Rental

When was the last time you held an event? Did you need something that isn’t usually in your garage or basement? Maybe you needed simple things like extra glasses, cutlery, or matching tables and chairs, or maybe you needed a moon bounce for 40 kids at a birthday party, or maybe you required something larger like a tent for a wedding.


No matter the event, no matter the size, there always seems to be something out of the ordinary required when planning your event. Where do you go and what do you do when you need these extra things? Do you purchase them? That can be expensive and often impractical. Have you ever considered renting? Renting things like a tent or a moon bounce can save you time, energy, and money; besides, where would you store a moon bounce?!


So, who do you go to? Who can you trust? Why not seek out Dwain Remsberg from Grand Rental? Grand Rental is located in Frederick, MD and has been in business since 1994. Dwain and his team are passionate about helping working 1-on-1 with you to create the vision you want.


Not long ago Grand Rental helped AOL with their 25th Anniversary event that included 2,500 guests. This stellar anniversary party was held on AOL’s northern Virginia lawn. Dwain and his team worked hard to create the atmosphere that made this event successful. As you can see, Grand Rental likes taking on a challenge!


So no matter what size your event is, you can count on Grand Rental and Dwain Remsberg to help you make your event a GRAND RENTAL Event! Dwain says, “Our goal is to Make it a Grand Event – Any Size, Anytime, Anywhere!


To contact Dwain, email him at or call him at 410-690-5407 to make an appointment in Frederick.


The Western Maryland Regional Sales Office in Frederick is located at:

1780-A North Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701Emily & Fitz 012


They also have a showroom located in Odenton at:

8251 Telegraph Road
Odenton, MD


You can visit their website for more detailed information at:

Join them on Facebook at Grant Rental Events – Frederick.


I know the next time I need something unusual, like Chinese lanterns or a red carpet with ropes and stanchions; I plan to contact G


rand Rental!


Sandra Lynch

Sandra Lynch, a Wedding Officiant who officiates weddings in the Mid-Atlantic region is Owner of Ceremony Alchemy (formerly, Weddings by Sandy), creator of the Perfect Officiant Mentoring an Officiant mentoring service author of, “You CAN have the Perfect Wedding Ceremony,” and the Perfect Officiant Handbook. Ms. Lynch is retired military and lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband Tim Lynch and their two fur babies Skipper and Ziggy.


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