The Fabulous Wedding Professionals of FABNet – The Bra Lady
10 May 2013

The Fabulous Wedding Professionals of FABNet – The Bra Lady

Every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. So today’s blog is about the very foundation of your wedding day…your support garments.

Pat Schoonover is “The Bra Lady!” A little over 12 years ago, she saw an ad for another consultant, and after she was fitted for her own bra, she decided this was something she really wanted to do. Her goal is to help create other happy, comfortable women. She tells me her clients are absolutely amazed that a properly fitted bra can make them look thinner, and many look like they have lost 6 to 8 inches around the midriff.

Gravity is not our friend and her clients love her bras!scan0001

Ms. Schoonover provides the support you really need. She is a specialist in custom-fitted bras and body fashion, and she measures and fits custom support garments. She tells me her products relieve about 80% of the weight off the shoulders, neck, and back, and because there are no under wires, do not harm breast tissue. She carries bras in over 200 sizes, from 28-50 and up to an ‘N’ in cup sizes, helping many women who cannot find bras in a store. Because she is a seamstress, she can customize bras to be front-closing for women who have difficulty reaching behind their backs.

Ladies, since we know you want to look your best on your wedding day, and honestly, you want to be comfortable   everyday, you should check out her products.


To contact The Bra Lady, call her at 301-473-8736 or email her at:

Her website is and you also can find her at

Sandra Lynch

Sandra Lynch, a Wedding Officiant who officiates weddings in the Mid-Atlantic region is Owner of Ceremony Alchemy (formerly, Weddings by Sandy), creator of the Perfect Officiant Mentoring an Officiant mentoring service author of, “You CAN have the Perfect Wedding Ceremony,” and the Perfect Officiant Handbook. Ms. Lynch is retired military and lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband Tim Lynch and their two fur babies Skipper and Ziggy.

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